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accusations involving and ob/gyn. >> investigators say the doctor took his own life. allegations surfaced he secretly took inappropriate pictures of his patients. he was recently employed by johns hopkins. >> baltimore city police say they have a lot of evidence against the investigation. they say he treated hundreds of patients. not all of the potential victims have been identified. baltimore county police were called monday morning. the former employer confirmed he took his own life. at the time of his suicide, ob/gyn was investigated for claims that he photographed and
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videotaped his patients. employees first alerted him on february 4. within a day security personnel confirmed he had been photographing his patience and possibly others with his personal photographic and video e equipment and storing them of electronically. doctors say he acknowledged the accusations and resign. neighbors declined to comment about the doctor's death or the investigation. the website said he had no known disciplinary actions in the last 10 years. he graduated from cornell university in 1984. officials have notified a few patients, but not all have been identified. baltimore police have been asked to contact him. good they have already set up a hotline.
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>> a reward of up to $2,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest in the murder of an eastern shore student. officials say he died in the hospital saturday night. they say he was stabbed after he, his brother, and another man got into the fight with three or four other people on campus. anybody with information is out to call police >> the search continues for a suspect after of home invasion and robbery at a gated community in north and baltimore. good now officials say she was having to her apartment when a man came from behind and pushed his way inside her home police
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say the man took her purse and items from a second victim inside the apartment. neighbors are on edge. >> i am scared about that, and we thought this was pretty safe, but obviously it is not. >> it is not the first time this has happened to him in the community. is getting pretty scary. but >> the investigation continues after a two-alarm fire around 5:30 this afternoon fire officials say cruise were forced to fight from the outside. we are told it caused extensive damage to the building. good luck goalie, there were no reported injuries. it -- luckily there were no reported injuries. -- has names lat
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major joseph smith to the position. he will be introduced tomorrow. but as one limited operations are expected to resume out of training -- that is when limited operations are expected to resume. we learn the 46-year-old mistakenly ground and fired his service weapon instead of a training weapon during the exercise. the trainee is still in critical condition. >> we are one step closer to learning who will fill the seat of path harrison. they have nominated nina harker q finish job of term, representing the district in the house of delegates. anderson died and -- henderson died last month. dozens of people in support of a
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bill that would ban discrimination against transgendered people. when it offers the same protection for gender identity currently given to sexual orientation, race, religion, age, sex, marital status. it is time for the general assembly to act. >> it is long overdue. we should not allow discrimination. >> according to the capital, they are heading to the general assembly. >> a new report names maryland as one of the area's most vulnerable to sequestration cuts. maryland, virginia, and washington could feel the most pain from the cuts set to take place march 1 unless congress can reach a deal.
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unfortunately, there is not much movement toward a bipartisan deal to prevent a spending cuts. washington lawmakers are in recess. congress will return on monday, leaving them just days to agree to an alternative plan, which strategists saying lawmakers are working towards a deal even while they are away. >> if you or a parent or loved one receives social security benefits, changes are coming. the government is limiting its paper checks. social security benefits will only get payments through direct deposit or through a direct debit card now accounts. they are strongly urging them to get their money through direct deposit. >> it is there. >> a word of caution.
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they say the card should be treated like cash and used at a cash register. be careful about giving that number out. the cardould cleare out. >> despite research, demand is actually going down. live in baltimore with more on the story. >> economist saying americans are buying less gas than on average five or 10 years ago. prices have jumped 25 cents in the past year alone. good who john is few linkup region -- john is fueling up. he is only buying the bare minimum. according to aaa, gas prices
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have jumped 40 cents in the last month. regina of aaa says research shows americans have cut fuel consumption over the past decade, but she says other factors are continuing to drive up the price of crude oil. >> supply is low. a few months ago opec made the decision to reduce production by about 1 million barrels a day. >> is obscene. i think the idea of it being so high because politics gets in the way, is ridiculous, and it is disheartening. good >> to prices are forcing him to make cuts in other areas in -- fuel prices are forcing him to make cuts in other areas. >> i have paid close to $5 for it before, so it was not that
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bad for me. >> you can look online to find the cheapest gas station, but triple a says the best way to find savings of between 10 cents and 80 cents a gallon is to join one of those gas rewards programs offered by roche restores. >> -- roche restores. >> of president a trivia. did you know our nation had 14 presidents before george washington. it is true. >> annapolis, md. played a key role in the creation of the united states as we know it. it served as a bridge between the revolutionary war and the constitutional convention. who knew? these people do. good they want to get the word out to the rest of us. meet the founders association. >> it tells the story of their
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roles of annapolis in the united states. >> they are looking for all home for the artifacts illustrating what they call an invisible era in american history. a time when annapolis played a key role in the events set health make the nation -- that help make the nation what it is today. the commander resigned, setting the stage for a civilian government. >> this was the first time this has happened. the power was given to the people. >> a month later congress ratified the treaty of paris, ending the revolutionary war paraded in 1786, a meeting of delegates called for in philadelphia. good >> we have tried to make this period come back to lives. >> this will help. a collection of signed documents, newly acquired.
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one for each of the 14 members of congress before george washington. >> i think it is phenomenal. i think people do not realize there were 14 presidents in 15 years. >> this group says they are at least several years away from finding a permanent home, and they say they will have to raise between $3 million stand $15 million, depending on the site. >> that is fascinating. good >> who knew? you have added your phone number to the national do not call registry. >> what if you still get calls he says that is what happened to him, and he is fed up. >> the winter weather a
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>> does this scenario sound familiar to you. use it down for dinner, and the telephone starts to ring. >> of telemarketer calls you, even though you are on the do not call whispers. >> david has been on the do not call list since conception, but the calls keep on coming. >> it has gotten constantly worse. >> he says the vast majority are from the unidentified 800
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numbers. david says they have called several times since 2003, so he filed a complaint. >> they finally got the president of the company to send me a letter saying i was permanently removed from the list when they would not call again. >> this past october, the president says the call was not intentional. what do i call certain people during the course of the year? >> he says like many small- business owners, he buys his telemarketing list from out of state. the error factor is 10% to 18%. 18% of the numbers they provide
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are not valid. who is to blame, and who is charged -- in charge of investigating? we find neither of those are easy to answer. it is a federal law enforced by the federal trade commission, but when we asked about the case, the response was, because it was a maryland business calling a maryland resident, that would not be covered by the do not call registry. karen is with the maryland attorney general's office. she says her office can take the case, but it is a federal law. >> there is a statute in maryland that says maryland can afford the do not call list in maryland. >> strong says as far as she knows since she has been with the attorney general's office, they have not prosecuted anyone, and prosecuting main on-
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be as easy.not have written procedures to honor the law, have trained personnel, and they may be off the vote. >> he says the experience falls under and not safe harbor. the fact of political calls are exempt. >> i get calls from the democratic party. they are looking for money. i cannot call you? >> he says business has suffered. revenue has been cut in half. he has had to lay people off. larger companies ignore the law altogether and get away from it. >> when you are doing the right thing, you get calls because of the investigation, it stings. >> you are really passionate about this?
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>> david easter is angry, too. >> it takes me off they are doing this. >> he would like to get through his dinner without being interrupted by a phone call. >> now your forecast with tom passel meyer. >> region -- with tom tasslemeyer. as we have had a bunch of things storms. -- of big storms. five of them came through, including the all time and biggest ones. there were 28.6 inches of snow. now the no. 5 ranking storm came through on the 11th. #8 with a 20-inch snowfall in 1979, and another one in 2010 on
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the ninth and 10th. in this timeframe, is the time of year for snowstorms around baltimore. 46 is the average. the morning started quite cold at 20 degrees. it is kind of warm today. temperatures drop to freezing in parts of shore. it is not that cold around western maryland because clouds are starting to move in. the winds turned to the south. in western maryland where it is colder, a winter weather in 53 is in effect. precipitation coming across the region. we are likely to see a mixed bag of rain, maybe some sleet and snow. right now the rain is still out in central and western ohio. it is a ways off, not expected
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to get to baltimore until late morning. there is some warmer air behind the front. 37 in chicago. 46 degrees in cleveland. that little bit of warmer air will protect us from a major outbreak. behind this storm system, it is bitterly cold, and some of that will come in the middle of the week. tomorrow, a little snow, sleet, and freezing rain. after the storm leaves, the cold comes in. the snow continues in the western maryland mountains. it is going to be quite surely across the region as another shot of arctic air overrides. the forecast calls for cloudy skies and 42 degrees to 47 degrees. winds out of the south gustin 425 knots and waves of 3 feet. the seven-day calls for a wintry
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makes. -- mix. another makes friday into saturday. >> -- another mix friday into saturday. >> next is sports. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $525,000. your numbers are 41-38-15-12-29 and 2.
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if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot climbs to $550,000. next jackpot is thursday night, and for all the latest lottery news, visit
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>> the owes a relief pitcher says the orioles came off the scrap heap last week. they agreed to a new contract worth $5.5 million. they posted a 7-1 record last season. it became a major part of the o's season. thinkanking point of showalter. the 30-year-old knows better than most of the odds you have to be to make it to a of a paid day-- to a big payday.
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the key to being our relief pitcher is consistency. i work hard to be pretty consistent. they put me in situations where i can succeed, and i think i went out last year. >> second base will draw plenty of attention. roberts has long since proven himself as a competitor. affects from a concussion have limited him to 115 games over the past three seasons. roberts sound optimistic. the o's should remain cautiously optimistic about his availability. >> i think everyone has taken notice. we know when we go on the field
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we have a little bit of a bull's-eye on our chest. we knockout teams that are used to being up of oz. it is great. i think the guys are enthusiastic. there is that a bitter taste from walking off the field and not being the last to win a game. >> howard is the biggest game of the season because of a suspension. they reinstated him after he violated unspecified team rules. alan will play tomorrow night at boston college. delivered extra impact about the importance of following rules. duke fell from no. 2 to no. 6. the man who made the lakers one of the high-profile franchises has died. he was 80 years old. he has fought cancer for 18
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months. he died of kidney failure. in his 35 years, and his team made it to 16 championship series. bus of the lakers and the kings for $67 million. the lakers have an estimated value of $1 billion, second only to the new york knicks. if you have flown anywhere in the last two years you know you cannot go through security without her -- with a bottle of water, you have to take your computer out, and do not carry a loaded gun in your carry-on bag. he seems to have overlooked stock last nieto. authorities in guardia airport arrested him for having a firearm in his carry-on bag. he faces criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree felony charge. if convicted, he could face 15 years in prison.
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your seven-day forecast is next. go
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>> the washington nationals deserved an award for the use of mascots. they took part in a fourth inning presidential race during the whole game. they visited their namesake add rushmore. -- at rushmore.
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last check, william taft did not appear at rushmore but did make an appearance today. as the last time they are in stone and in sfelt. if they are doing so on presidents day. how appropriate. >> you have a presidential seven-day? >> the day after presidents day, rain comes into our area. mostly rain around baltimore, and it will be gone tomorrow evening. another wintery mixes possible tomorrow into saturday. >> that is it for tonight.
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>> jay: hey, kev, good to see you again. ♪ memories like the corner of my mind

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